Botkier Spring ‘12 Ad Campaign voted Top 10

Planet Botkier January 06, 2012

This season I decided to jump into my old shoes and shoot the Botkier Spring 2012 campaign myself. It is extremely rewarding to take my vision full circle, from sketch to bag to advertising! I feel especially proud of the fact that the Botkier Spring 2012 campaign was voted top 10 fashion campaigns on NBC THREAD. Check out the link and check out the behind the scenes photos. ENJOY! xoxo Monica

Above we have a newbie the LEON, all bright and beautiful in bright green against an amazing H&M jacket. Check out the shorts with the zipper detail, amazing!

Above the new EDEN large satchel in lavender lizard on our model who was channeling the south of France on a yacht in our studio. Below we have the EDEN hobo in nude, love the purple flare pants.

One of the highly anticipated bags for us is Valentina continuing with our love of color we are exploring pastels. A HUGE trend for Spring 2012!

Color blocking continues to be a great way to pop details in our bags. Here we have a PHOENIX clutch with leather covered frame. Soft and slouchy day clutch that can be worn anywhere…

One of my favorite shots of the Misha clutch in cobble snake with pastel trim. The model was doing a great job lounging on her faux boat while I did my best not to fall on her while balancing on a ladder high above…

Angie Parker our amazing makeup artist rocking it in her denim jumpsuit. So talented and so damn funny!

Our amazing stylist Daisha and her racks and racks of clothes and jewelry. We tried to throw in some Botkier shoes but in the end decided that barefoot was the way to go for our imaginary spring fling. BTW never under estimate the importance of a steamer, everyone should have one in their closet. Beats an iron any day.

Behind the scenes…

…to finished and retouched photo!

Sometimes it takes more than one outfit change to nail a shot. The shirt below did not make it to the final.

Literally behind my shoulder. That camera is so heavy. I know it sounds old school but I miss film. The instant gratification of digital misses something for me in the process.

More acrobatics to get the shot. The angle has to be just right!!

Check out more coverage on the following: Chicology, New York Mag The Cut, The Sartorialist Blog and The Purseblog


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Miami Nice

Planet Botkier June 28, 2011

Aimee Song of Song of Style and Monica Botkier trooped on down to Miami last week to hang out for an inspiration tour as part of the 2011 Vogue Eyewear  CFDA City Collection project. Botkier will be introducing our first ever sunglass design in October 2011 which will be sold at Sunglass Huts everywhere! In particular we were thrilled to see how Aimee Song took our accessories: eyewear and bags, in our inspirational city of Miami and in turn inspired us with her styling. See her looks below and for more info and Aimee’s take on the trip go to

On South Beach with our Eden small satchel in multi-color, Holiday Resort 2011.

South Beach in the afternoon, Aimee is rocking out with color! We love this look, she is wearing the Misha clutch in red, Holiday Resort 2011.

Aimee and Monica keeping cool in the shade of the palms on South Beach. Monica is wearing dear friend and fave designer Tucker polka dot wrap dress.

Behind the scenes of the shoot, notice the tattooed forearm of the photo assistant camera right. That breeze felt good but the reflection board was pure torture shooting silver hard light right into our eyes (yes on purpose! suffer for beauty even on film)

Joe’s Stone Crab, definitely a highlight of the shoot. We had to eat their yummy specialty of Stone Crabs over and over and over again! Then they bought out the hash browns and we were ready for a nap!!

The beautiful Aimee Song towards the end of the shoot outside The Webster, talk about inspiring – fashion, food, architecture, books. Our kind of one stop shop! After shooting for 12 hours in the heat we were beyond thrilled to take it all in. Amazing can’t wait to go back!


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The Botkier Online Event: What Just Happened?!

Planet Botkier May 09, 2011

Last week the whole Botkier team and our fans made Botkier history hosting our first ever online sample sale. We truly could not have imagined the response that we received by all of you who participated in the Exclusive Classics Event. It was the most traffic our website ever got in one day!

A few days have passed since we had to end it early, (yes, we actually ran out of inventory!) and yet we’re still recovering from the shock of it all, who woulda thunk it?!

It’s been such a pleasure seeing how our classics stand up over time – we loved bringing them back in such amazing stand-out colors and trust you all will be rockin’ your new Triggers, Biancas, and Sasha’s all Summer long!(Coral and Periwinkle – perfect Spring/Summer brights!) It was also a longtime plan of ours to be able to extend our sale to the Botkier fans who don’t live in New York City and have never been able to experience the rush and thrill of finding your “it” bag amidst the throngs of SoHo Fashionistas!

Thank you all, so very much! Until next time (maybe ; )

Much love…. The Botkier Team


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Planet Botkier March 01, 2011

What triggered you to create TokyoMilk, Lollia, and Love&Toast? Which line came first in the history of your collections?

I have literally been creating beautiful scenes since the 7th grade when I turned my bedroom into a mock retail store complete with clothing rail, lighting and display! I guess that comes from having really creative parents – my father was a classically trained musician and my mother, a fine artist. From an early age I have just looked at the world through the eyes of an artist, loving to dream up, design and develop complete environments full of beautiful treasures.

After I graduated from college, I took my entire savings of $2000 and opened up my first shop that was filled with handmade bath and body products wrapped in beautiful, custom packaging. It wasn’t long before I created my first nationally distributed bath and body line, Bloom; and throughout the years, my love for designing has led me to create a number of brands, each with distinct personalities: Archive, Lollia, TokyoMilk, Love & Toast, as well as new lines like the Poetic License Candle Boutiquerie from Lollia, and my latest TokyoMilk Dark.

I just find so much joy in creating treasures for my customers to fall in love with, that my busy brain never shuts off – I am always dreaming up new lines, collections, worlds and brands!

Tell me about the playful and intricate packaging – what inspires the design and illustrations that cause the amazing products?

I am truly committed to creating signature, standout, sophisticated packaging, with the intention of always reaching the most beautiful design possibilities. When I design, I really take a “no detail overlooked” approach, being mindful of each product always having a distinct something extra to make it that much more personal and intriguing. I believe that beautiful products are inseparable from beautiful environments, so I design both to create a really rich context. I want my customers to fall in love with the packaging in store and then when they take it home, to discover something totally new!

Here at our Botkier showroom we use TokyoMilk products for our “fancy” bathroom, but what are a few of your most popular products and customer favorites, whether they be candles, lotions, or cosmetics?

The Lollia Shea Butter Handcremes have been called a “cult classic” by many, which always makes me smile since I worked for years perfecting the formula. And Dead Sexy from TokyoMilk has been quite a standout in the line – people really love its darker notes. Each of my brands have so many different treasures that make up the world, that our customers can always discover something that speaks to them.

Any new projects or designs coming out for Spring? What smells remind you of the spring season?

For Spring, we have lots of exciting newness to add to the lines. The Poetic License Candle Boutiquerie from Lollia with “Butterflies,” “Dandelion,” and “Running in Grass Barefoot” all conjuring up spring.

The Femme Fatale collection launches from TokyoMilk Dark and the vibrant, colorful new offerings from Love & Toast come alive with so many exciting new treasures!


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