Botkier Spring ‘12 Ad Campaign voted Top 10

Planet Botkier January 06, 2012

This season I decided to jump into my old shoes and shoot the Botkier Spring 2012 campaign myself. It is extremely rewarding to take my vision full circle, from sketch to bag to advertising! I feel especially proud of the fact that the Botkier Spring 2012 campaign was voted top 10 fashion campaigns on NBC THREAD. Check out the link and check out the behind the scenes photos. ENJOY! xoxo Monica

Above we have a newbie the LEON, all bright and beautiful in bright green against an amazing H&M jacket. Check out the shorts with the zipper detail, amazing!

Above the new EDEN large satchel in lavender lizard on our model who was channeling the south of France on a yacht in our studio. Below we have the EDEN hobo in nude, love the purple flare pants.

One of the highly anticipated bags for us is Valentina continuing with our love of color we are exploring pastels. A HUGE trend for Spring 2012!

Color blocking continues to be a great way to pop details in our bags. Here we have a PHOENIX clutch with leather covered frame. Soft and slouchy day clutch that can be worn anywhere…

One of my favorite shots of the Misha clutch in cobble snake with pastel trim. The model was doing a great job lounging on her faux boat while I did my best not to fall on her while balancing on a ladder high above…

Angie Parker our amazing makeup artist rocking it in her denim jumpsuit. So talented and so damn funny!

Our amazing stylist Daisha and her racks and racks of clothes and jewelry. We tried to throw in some Botkier shoes but in the end decided that barefoot was the way to go for our imaginary spring fling. BTW never under estimate the importance of a steamer, everyone should have one in their closet. Beats an iron any day.

Behind the scenes…

…to finished and retouched photo!

Sometimes it takes more than one outfit change to nail a shot. The shirt below did not make it to the final.

Literally behind my shoulder. That camera is so heavy. I know it sounds old school but I miss film. The instant gratification of digital misses something for me in the process.

More acrobatics to get the shot. The angle has to be just right!!

Check out more coverage on the following: Chicology, New York Mag The Cut, The Sartorialist Blog and The Purseblog


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Botkier x Vogue Eyewear/CFDA City Collection x Aimee Song

Planet Botkier September 23, 2011

They have finally arrived! Botkier’s first ever sunglass design. Inspired by the city of Miami, these red hot shades are for fun in the sun. Get out there and shine! Available exclusively at Sunglass Hut.

It was an honor to win this project through the CFDA who partnered with Vogue Eyewear to choose three members for three city inspired frames. “There were dozens of amazing applicants but Monica, Rebecca and Yeohlee’s visions for this project were just exceptional,” said Daniela Policastro, global brand manager at Vogue Eyewear.  “Each pair artfully exemplifies the Vogue Eyewear brand, captures the essence of the inspiration city, and showcases the designer’s unique identity.  The 2011 City Collection provides a new perspective, a new twist on sunglass design.”

Behind the scenes filming in the Botkier studio and…

…on location with the one and only Aimee Song. It was a lot of fun going through the entire process from inspiration board to sketch. Then from finished product to filming Aimee with her amazing style – our sunglasses and EDEN satchel. All that color for October!

“These sunglasses are meant for the woman who is edgy, sexy, fashion forward and likes to explore the city.  They are meant for the fashion art girl who loves the museums, art galleries and always the parties during Art Basil Miami. A bold persona who can mix within the different worlds of Miami, whether it be a Cuban coffee shop, gallery opening or pool side party at The Raleigh.” – Monica Botkier


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Our Story, Our Heritage…Misha Botkier

Planet Botkier August 23, 2011

A few years ago, 2007 to be exact my father comes into my office and plunks a bag down on my desk. This was no ordinary bag, it was vintage Botkier! As it turns out, my grandfather Misha (Michael in Russian) had been a handbag manufacturer in Russia more than 50 years ago…

Rosa and Misha Botkier pictured below

Botkier was born in 2003 and grew organically as I had developed an absolute love affair with hand bags that bordered on an obsession…I guess one can see now that this natural gravitation to all things leather but purses in particular was actually in the blood.

The fact that my father didn’t tell me this before doesn’t surprise me as we see him as an absentminded professor of sorts and made the coincidence that much sweeter.

Going through the archives of old family photos while the only surviving bag made by my grandfather Misha hung on the wall of my office gave me all the inspiration I needed. To create is to live. The experience made me feel close to him again. I missed him.

To add to the romance I was already feeling, the bag in question was made for my grandmother specifically. Such a beautiful and crafted piece with an amazing metal frame. Elegant with an edge, everything Botkier is today. So for Fall 2011 we launch the Misha Collection, Botkier’s very own heritage statement with a clutch, shoulder, satchel and even backpack!

My grandmother Rosa Botkier recently celebrated her 88th birthday and when I presented her with a Misha shoulder bag – the same that I have been addicted to wearing for the past month – we all wept. It was a really proud and profound moment.

The original bag below…

xoxo Monica


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Interns Rule! Misha Fashion Shoot

Planet Botkier August 01, 2011

Here are Botkier we take our internships and interns very seriously. We get so many applications and we are grateful to have such motivated and talented individuals want to come and dedicate their time to us in our downtown digs. Monica Botkier has a long history of interning herself at various fashion magazines, with stylists and photographers years ago… (She’ll never forget her Paper Mag stint, a great experience and one of the toughest back then!) Here is a fabulous photo shoot by our Art Department intern Alev, inspired by the newest arrival to our Fall collection, the Misha clutch.


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S is for Style, a Fashion Diary

Planet Botkier July 05, 2011

S is for Style, a Fashion Diary…

Dear Diary, so today my DD (dear daughter for those not familiar with mommy blog lingo) whipped together an outfit that had me thinking, this kid has some spirit. Completely inspired I thought let’s document these as I wish my mother might have done and create an archive of the ultimate in independent thought and creativity – kid fashion! Hungarian peasant blouse, Gap jeans, moccasins above. Various J.Crew pieces below.

We can see where it all started. Beloved ‘Blankie’ had been turned into a Mad Max type ensemble a few years back. The transformation made us all proud. Stay tuned for more inspired looks from Casa Botkier.


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