Swimwear Sneak Peek

Planet Botkier March 30, 2012

It’s never too early to dive in… Getting ready for summer means more than just hitting the gym again after a long hiatus. Picking your swimsuit style is something that helps your summer and body take shape. Designers are inclined to think about past icons to create sultry new swimwear trends today. Here are some of our faves!

Laces and Straps: Thin lacy straps have evolved to thick edgy straps which can we worn out with a maxi skirt and lots of accessories!

High on Vintage: A high waist bottom with vintage print takes it back to a time when Marilyn Monroe defined sex appeal. Exaggerated gives a twist and fresh modern take.

Shuffle Ruffles: Ruffles have come a long way. Super feminine but now bold in neon colors.

Peek-a-boo Crochet: Started in the 30’s glamour era and adapted in the 1970’s hippie chic era the intricate detailing of peek-a-boo crochet is as detailed as it gets. Beautiful!

Animal Prints: Leopard is always chic. We never get sick of this print! Whether it’s on a bag or shoe or bathing suit. (Growl) with hand gesture, super sexy.

Times have changed along with trends so leave the past behind and dive into Summer 2012. Even if it seems a little early!

(Lisa Blue Collection, Lisa Marie Fernandez, Mara Hoffman)


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Planet Botkier August 18, 2010

Chantal Van Der Meijden runs the popular personal style blog Cocorosa. A must-visit for stylish finds, Chantal’s fashion diary documents her daily outfits and latest obsessions. Not sure how to wear mixed-prints, a headscarf, or thigh-high boots?   We’re always looking to Cocorosa for wardrobe inspiration – she’s always the first to try a daring new trend. When styling the Ava crossbody in chocolate suede, Chantal channeled a childhood favorite, Brigitte Bardot in Spaghetti Western Les Petroleuses – a vintage inspired look that’s perfect for the modern girl.

Tell us a little bit about why Brigitte Bardot in Les Petroleuses is your ultimate Bad Girl icon…

Chantal: I really love the old Westerns and Spaghetti Westerns like “The magnificent Seven” and “One upon a time in the West” eversince I was little, so naturally growing up all I ever wanted to be was one of those gunslinging bad ass gals like Brigitte Bardot or Claudia Cardinale who besides being tough are also incredibly sexy.

Brigitte’s style in Les Petroleuses is western-inspired. How can a 21st century girl incorporate this without coming off as a cowboy?

Chantal: I never like to translate my inspiration in a look directly, sometimes I might go for a single piece like a fringe jacket that I will incorporate in a everyday silhouette but often I really go by colors, fabrics and textures to create the look I’m inspired by, like the black leather with brown suede and sand colored neutrals. The over-the-knee leather cowboy boots gave a western touch while still being very modern in design.

Love that the wilderness is a theme in your shoot. Where’s your favorite quiet destination for a trip away from it all?

Chantal: I really love traveling and I haven’t yet traveled as much as I wanted to! I really love desolated places, I loved Morocco, when we were going by jeep from Marrakesh to Zagora and we took a short stop before reaching Ouarzazate, I was standing in the red earth and the view was truly fantastic! An other favorite place for me will always be Italy!

Brigitte was known to wear flats – are you a fan or more of a heels-every-day kind of girl?

Chantal: I’m often wearing boots or heels and when wearing heels I always carry flats with me!

When you’re in New York, what are your favorite destinations to let loose?

Chantal: I love Nolita, a favorite restaurant of mine is Epistrophy on Mott street. As for shopping I always check out Tokio7… I’m always down for hanging out in Brooklyn and love the rooftop parties!



Planet Botkier August 18, 2010

A versatile mix of sophisticated femininity and eclectic urban charm-Song Of Style documents the day in the life of the fabulous Aimee Song. Whether it’s gallavanting in San Francisco in sky-high wedges or strolling down Melrose in LA for good vintage, Song Of Style personifies Califoria cool. Though her photos look like they should be published in your favorite glossy, Aimee’s sense of humor and down to earth nature shines through. For example,  when embracing her inner bad girl, Aimee decided to channel her favorite street artists. And while we don’t condone tagging – it’s all in the name of fashion, right? Read her Q&A with Botkier below…

We know no walls were harmed in your graffiti inspired shoot. Let’s say you are tagging though! What’s your design look like? What would your ‘handle’ be?

Aimee: I would do a bad-ass portrait of Tupac. I always loved great Tupac portraits around LA. I might also draw the city of San Francisco since it’s so beautiful with amazing architecture. My tagging ‘handle’ would probably be my blog name, Song Of Style . Hehe.

Who are some of your favorite taggers in the biz?

Aimee: Definitely Bansky. Tagging for a reason and making it into an art is way better than tagging gangster signs.

Can street art inspire an outfit – if so, how can we get the look?

Aimee:  Definitely! I love colorful street art and it can definitely inspire my outfit.

Where are your favorite places in San Francisco to let loose?

Aimee: Probably the mission!

Let’s say we’re throwing a Song Of Style Bash!! What’s on the party playlist & drinks menu?

Aimee: Definitely To Live in Die in LA by Tupac and In da Club by 50cent. Any Rap, Reggae, Hip hop, pop but absolutely no rave and techno!  Haha.  There will definitely be more food than drinks, but if there must be alcohol there must be Hefeweizen.



Planet Botkier August 13, 2010

Carolina Engman’s carefully curated Fashion Squad reads like the pages of your favorite glossy. Chock full of inspirational content, the stylish site features of the moment photo shoots, styled and modeled by Carolina herself, as well as clips from the pages of her favorite magazines. Whether it’s a vintage romper or a feathered headband, her whimsical wardrobe touches never fail to get us in the mood for a little shopping trip… We sat down with Carolina for a Bad Girl themed Q&A.

We’re wild about your bad girl icon, Anita Pallenberg! Can you tell us why the rocker ingénue inspires your style?
Carolina: I’m wild about her too! There’s just something about her relaxed, bohemian vibe that really appeals to me!

What are some cool ways a girl can embrace the bohemian look for fall?
Carolina: Personally, I’m going all in with maxi dresses and hats!

Anita was so involved with the 60s rock n roll movement! What are your favorite bands from that iconic era?
Carolina: Besides the Rolling Stones, Beatles, The Who and Bob Dylan, I’m a sucker for French icon & national treasure Serge Gainsbourg!

Speaking of 60s style, where are your favorite places to vintage shop in Stockholm? What wardrobe pieces do you look for first?
Carolina: My all time favorite store is Beyond Retro, it’s impossible for me to walk in there without buying something. If I go in to buy a jacket, I walk out with three dresses. The store is truly addictive!

So jealous! We’ll have to hit it up next time we’re Sweden-bound…

Let’s say we’re hosting a Fashion Squad party – where’s the location, what music is playing, and what’s the Fashion Squad cocktail of choice?
Carolina: We’re sitting on a roof top in Paris, drinking red wine, watching the stars.. and we’re most definitely listening to Roxanne by The Police!



Planet Botkier August 09, 2010

Introducing a special collaboration featuring our five favorite fashion bloggers… Welcome this week to the Botkier Blog Geri Hirsch of Because I’m Addicted, Aimee Song of Song Of Style, Gala Gonzalez of Amlul, Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad, and Chantal Van Der Meijden of Cocorosa.

The girls, whose stylish websites inspire us on a daily basis, channel their most cherished iconic bad girl in a special series of unique editorials for Botkier & Bloglovin, starring the Ava bag. Ava’s playful tassel, intricate quilted gusset and luxe chain strap makes the bag one of our sexiest styles from the collection.

The images are on display at Bloglovin, our go-to site for bookmarking the most stylish fashion blogs. Each blogger will make a cameo on the Botkier Blog this week with their individual photo shoots & credits and a very fun bad girl themed Q&A.