Q & A with Monica about Lake Bell for Oxfam

Planet Botkier March 18, 2011

What made you decide to collaborate with Lake Bell, and how does her style align with the Botkier aesthetic?

I am a huge Lake Bell fan. She’s a native New Yorker like me and we vibe on many levels. Lake has a fantastic aesthetic and her style is strong, effortlessly cool. Botkier is all about high design, function meets fashion. Lake really wanted to use beautiful browns and neutrals with sleek but quiet hardware, nothing too frilly! We both love seventies vintage and created this silhouette that is both fresh and classic.

Can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind the bag’s design?

Creatively we were in sync immediately. We talked about designing a bag that wasn’t too big, easily worn cross-body but also top handle, very seventies inspired. Vintage and modern that will look more beautiful the more you wear it. She really loved the idea of color blocking and this is totally on trend.

This is not the first time you’ve paired up with a celebrity to benefit Oxfam International. Past collaborations have included Michelle Trachtenberg, Minnie Driver, and Joy Bryant. What has made each collaboration special?

Each of these woman are incredibly talented and dynamic and want to give back. This Botkier x Oxfam collaboration is the perfect way to express ourselves creatively, work with people we respect while doing something good! Each of these celebs have a unique point of view and style that I really admire.

Why do you feel Oxfam International is an important organization to support?

Oxfam is a global reaching charity that fights poverty, focusing on women and environmental issues. Right now in particular I feel there is a need for outreach on this level. What’s unique about Oxfam is that their reach is so wide they are able to help people around the world at local levels.


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