Spice Up Your Nails

Planet Botkier June 09, 2013

The sun has arrived and it’s time to spice up your nails for Summer.
Check out these fun DIY  designs that will give your nails the pick me up they deserve.



- 3 different color nail polishes of your choice
- Nail art brush


1. Choose 2 color nail polishes you want to paint the portions of your nails with. 2. Apply the 2 colors on the portions where you want them to be. 3. Use your nail art brush to create a straight line. To outline the cut outs, use a dark color and carefully paint the lines. 4. For the middle finger, create the outline of triangles with the dark polish, and then fill in some triangles with the other 2 colors of your choice. To make the lines and cut out lines really sharp, go over the lines and cut out lines again after filling in the triangles. 5. Give your design a few minutes to dry, and then finish it with your favorite top coat.

Images & Directions via Chelsea’s Get Nailed



1. Paint a base coat on nails in one of your chosen colors. 2. Using an adhesive, such as scotch tape, seal skin around nails- this will make clean up much easier afterwards.
3. Drop one color at a time into a throwaway cup filled with room temperature filtered water. Alternating the colors that contrast more will give you bolder effect. 4. Drag a toothpick through your colors creating a design (have fun with this!) 5. Choose which part of the design you would like on your nail and dip at an angle. Take your toothpick and pull away excess polish keeping your design from being ruined. 6. Remove the nail. 7. Peel off tape and clean up edges using a Q-tip and nail polish remover. 8. Seal with a top coat.

Images & Direction credit via Pretty Plain Janes



1. Apply a protective base coat. Apply 1-2 coats of gold shimmer polish on all nails. Let it touch dry. 2. Create the art deco pattern as pictured with striping tape. Make sure the tape is attached properly to the nail so the polish can’t bleed. 3. Paint 2 coats of black polish over the pattern. 4. Carefully remove the tape to reveal the pattern. 5. Using a toothpick dipped in top coat to attach the stud to the nail as pictured. Move onto next nail & repeat steps 3, 4, 5. 6. When all nails are done, wait a few more minutes and apply 2-3 top coat layers on each nail to even out the surface. 7. Remove the tape straight after the nail is painted or once the polish is dry. The answer depends on the polish. The more you try different polishes, the more you’ll become aware of their unique properties. 8. For this Gatsby nail art we used classic Revlon shades. With Revlon polish, we’d recommend removing the tape immediately after the nail is painted. They dry relatively fast but they also become quite flexible so if you wait too long before removing the tape, the polish will stretch with the tape.

Images & Directions credit via Sonailicious