Planet Botkier August 18, 2010

A versatile mix of sophisticated femininity and eclectic urban charm-Song Of Style documents the day in the life of the fabulous Aimee Song. Whether it’s gallavanting in San Francisco in sky-high wedges or strolling down Melrose in LA for good vintage, Song Of Style personifies Califoria cool. Though her photos look like they should be published in your favorite glossy, Aimee’s sense of humor and down to earth nature shines through. For example,  when embracing her inner bad girl, Aimee decided to channel her favorite street artists. And while we don’t condone tagging – it’s all in the name of fashion, right? Read her Q&A with Botkier below…

We know no walls were harmed in your graffiti inspired shoot. Let’s say you are tagging though! What’s your design look like? What would your ‘handle’ be?

Aimee: I would do a bad-ass portrait of Tupac. I always loved great Tupac portraits around LA. I might also draw the city of San Francisco since it’s so beautiful with amazing architecture. My tagging ‘handle’ would probably be my blog name, Song Of Style . Hehe.

Who are some of your favorite taggers in the biz?

Aimee: Definitely Bansky. Tagging for a reason and making it into an art is way better than tagging gangster signs.

Can street art inspire an outfit – if so, how can we get the look?

Aimee:  Definitely! I love colorful street art and it can definitely inspire my outfit.

Where are your favorite places in San Francisco to let loose?

Aimee: Probably the mission!

Let’s say we’re throwing a Song Of Style Bash!! What’s on the party playlist & drinks menu?

Aimee: Definitely To Live in Die in LA by Tupac and In da Club by 50cent. Any Rap, Reggae, Hip hop, pop but absolutely no rave and techno!  Haha.  There will definitely be more food than drinks, but if there must be alcohol there must be Hefeweizen.