Sheer Genius

Planet Botkier March 16, 2012

We saw more skin than ever during fashion week all over the globe in runways from Alexander McQueen to Robert Cavalli and Calvin Klein.

Taking it Back: Starting off as a fabric solely used for pantyhose, the sheer organza fabric was revolutionized to be used on wedding gowns and in everyday street wear. This fabric is a serious and sexy fashion trend. It was only to be seen on a woman’s arms and legs in the 1920’s but is now wrapped around ones entire body. This fabric type may have been dated before the 1920’s —3,000B.C.— but has slowly made it into all our closets.

Become a sheer genius:

1. Don’t want to reveal too much skin? Pair a sheer blouse with a light cardigan or jacket for less revelation.

2. For a peek-a-boo look try a skin toned or black camisole or bodysuit that will disappear under that blouse.

3. Feeling extra bold? Grab a pair of boy shorts under a floral printed sheer maxi skirt or try a contrasting lace bra under a silky top.

Top image courtesy of Oraclefox, both via Pinterest.


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