Planet Botkier February 09, 2011

February 14th: Love fest or Hateration? Why?

JW: Both. One night I celebrate with my girlfriends and slam all the jerks of the moment and the next night I fully do something cheesy with my man. Details will not be revealed or I could face stoning.

TB: A great day to mope around, watch John Cusack movies, all the way from Say Anything to Must Love Dogs, and eat burritos with your single lady friends.

DC: Hateration – makes all the single people feel bad.

Where are your fave romantic spots in the city?

SL: Brooklyn bridge – if the date works out great ! If not – I can push him off the bridge.

CJ: Once I weed through the investment bankers and gay men I will let you know…Until then, let’s say The Cloisters. Or a rooftop sunset overlooking the NYC skyline

MB: I love areas of the city that are a little more desolate and private. One of my fav spots is Saturdays on Crosby St and Grand. They have this hidden garden in the back and I love to sneaking away with my hubby for a quick midday coffee.

DC: Botanical gardens when the cherry blossoms are in bloom

What must have item are you coveting for V-day?

MB: Hmmmmm, one night of full sleep without being woken up by one of my kids!  Oh, and the Charlotte satchel in red. The vibrant red is a statement but the structured, lady like shape is super sophisticated.

TB: A Netflix subscription, surely an adequate substitute for a meaningful relationship.

DC: A ring, it’s been 6 years.

V-Day crush?

JW:  Puppy love. Our office mascot, LAB. I fully make- out with him.  Who wouldn’t?

TB: Sean Kingston. And the boys that work at Saturdays on Crosby and Grand.