Planet Botkier March 10, 2010

New to Planet Botkier, get to know the stylish femmes popping up on our fashion radar. We’ll share a glimpse into their world via exclusive interviews and sartorial advice from the it-girls themselves. At the moment, we’re smitten with the fashion forward Jazzi McGilbert. Hardly a style rookie, Jazzi pens her industry chronicles via her blog, Jazzi McG. We quizzed the blogger on her favorite trends for spring, wardrobe must-haves, and the essentials inside her Botkier bag, the Howard Street satchel.

First things first-tell us about your blog in a sentence or two.

My blog is just a piece of my mind for anyone that’s interested. I post advice, personal stories, outfits, DIYs, and anything at all I find interesting or inspiring. My blog has followed me on a path from boredom, dreams, to a number of internships, to my work as a freelance writer and stylist, to everything in between (and whatever comes next!).

We adore your personal style. What’s your one most cherished look?

Firstly, thank you! And I guess I’m not terribly sentimental about my own style, because I can’t think of a cherished look per se… but I do feel a little naked without my arsenal of rings, bangs/fringe, a hat, heels and dark black eyeliner. In general, I tend to mix high, low, very low and vintage, but it’s not a conscious thing. I’ll go a little dark or sexed up one day, innocent another, and almost tomboy the next… or just mishmash it all together in one look – it’s definitely a mood thing, but I’m not scared to have a little fun.

Since you’re such a coast-hopper, where are your two most cherished shopping destinations, in New York and LA?

In LA, it’s the Fairfax flea market, my regular Sunday morning stop, and Maxfield – more for playing the racks and drooling than actually whipping out the wallet, but I would if I could.

In NY, I love the selection at Seven and always find something awesome for a steal at Century 21.

Which three new trends are you excited to see for Spring?

I’m feeling the braids, wacky colored hair, and cat eye glasses. And I’m excited to see girls’ looks in clogs (though I’ll be sitting out this trend).

Which four blogs are you loving at the moment-fashion or otherwise?

It’s so difficult to pick just 4! I subscribe to and love tons, but these are in heavy rotation at the moment:

1.Sundance’s Full Frontal Fashion has quickly become my favorite fashion/culture destination. They have some incredible contributors, informative posts & videos, and a really fresh voice.
2. Kris Atomic I love everything about her blog: her white blonde hair, quirky illustrations, food & travel porn, all her dreamy fashion inspiration and her kitty Matilda.
3. KCRW-The BEST podcasts, music, and news. I’m constantly listening to KCRdubs – stuck in traffic, on my iPod, laptop, wherever.
4. Not new or anything, but as a fellow Cali girl, I’ve found myself inspired by Rumi of Fashion Toast a lot lately. There’s no denying she is damned captivating – even my boyfriend loves her (and they look like siblings) – and I’ve come to appreciate the simplicity in that she doesn’t try to do it all. She does the personal style blog very well.

Lastly, what are five essentials you’ve always got in your bag?

1. Camera, which is a big DSLR that demands a big bag (my Howard Street is perfect).
2. Chapstick, strawberry to be specific.
3. Whatever magazine or book I’ve picked up.
4. Junk food – candy or chips. Fruit on a good day.
5. Pen, Moleskine, and/or Digital Recorder – tools of the trade.