Planet Botkier August 13, 2010

Carolina Engman’s carefully curated Fashion Squad reads like the pages of your favorite glossy. Chock full of inspirational content, the stylish site features of the moment photo shoots, styled and modeled by Carolina herself, as well as clips from the pages of her favorite magazines. Whether it’s a vintage romper or a feathered headband, her whimsical wardrobe touches never fail to get us in the mood for a little shopping trip… We sat down with Carolina for a Bad Girl themed Q&A.

We’re wild about your bad girl icon, Anita Pallenberg! Can you tell us why the rocker ingénue inspires your style?
Carolina: I’m wild about her too! There’s just something about her relaxed, bohemian vibe that really appeals to me!

What are some cool ways a girl can embrace the bohemian look for fall?
Carolina: Personally, I’m going all in with maxi dresses and hats!

Anita was so involved with the 60s rock n roll movement! What are your favorite bands from that iconic era?
Carolina: Besides the Rolling Stones, Beatles, The Who and Bob Dylan, I’m a sucker for French icon & national treasure Serge Gainsbourg!

Speaking of 60s style, where are your favorite places to vintage shop in Stockholm? What wardrobe pieces do you look for first?
Carolina: My all time favorite store is Beyond Retro, it’s impossible for me to walk in there without buying something. If I go in to buy a jacket, I walk out with three dresses. The store is truly addictive!

So jealous! We’ll have to hit it up next time we’re Sweden-bound…

Let’s say we’re hosting a Fashion Squad party – where’s the location, what music is playing, and what’s the Fashion Squad cocktail of choice?
Carolina: We’re sitting on a roof top in Paris, drinking red wine, watching the stars.. and we’re most definitely listening to Roxanne by The Police!