Planet Botkier April 28, 2013

Summertime is upon us and what better way to spend the beautiful day outdoors while making DIY jewelry!
We at Botkier love unique and creative #armswag and earrings.
Check out some of our favorite DIY’s!



- Craft Wire
- Earring hooks
- Bobby pins
- Nail polish


1. Start by painting your pins. If you bought your pins new, keep them on the cardboard piece that they came on. This helps keep them straight when you are painting them.
If they aren’t new, pin them on something that will keep them straight. 2. Simply tape off the areas you want to paint, and paint whatever pattern you like.
You can do stripes, chevron, diamonds etc. Let your paint dry and carefully feel back the tape. 3. Next prepare your wire. Cut two strips of metal wire & twist them around each other.
Take your pins off your cardboard piece and slip on to the wire. Shape your wire and attach your hook. Wrap once again around for security and cut the excess off.
4. Repeat these steps for the second earring. And if you ever need a pin to hold your hair back, just slip one off your earring & you’re good to go!

Images & Directions credit via the Metric Child blog.



- A discarded or broken zipper, at least 15 inches long (the longer the zipper, the wider the cuff)
- Thread to match
- A long-ish needle
- Measuring tape
- Scissors
- Pin (optional)


1. Measure your hand at the widest point with your thumb loosely tucked into your palm. 2. Mark out that measurement along one end of the zipper with a pin.
3. Wind the zipper around itself by lining up the marked pin point with the end of the zipper. Line up the teeth so they overlap at the very start and then let them fall next to each other.
4. Start stitching at the end of the zipper 1/4 inch long stitches. Back-tack at the start so there’s a sturdy base to work with.
5. Keep stitching all the way to the other end, keeping your stitches neat as they will be visible. Tack a few times at this end as well so it’s secure.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 with other side of the zipper. 7. Place one piece over the other, with the tape ends overlapping. The edge of the tape on one side should the teeth on the other side.
8. Stitch both zippers together along the top of tape’s loose end. Double-tack at the start & finish of sewing so your stitching is secure.

Images & directions via Inhabit



- Safety Pins (enough to fit your wrist)
- Beads (as much as you want)
- Super Glue
- Elastic Cord (.7mm)


1. Open one of the safety pins and thread beads onto open prong, leaving enough space to refasten the pin. Repeat the process until all of
the safety pins have been beaded. 2. Glue the pin so that it wouldn’t open when you’re wearing it. 3. Next, cut two 12″ pieces of elastic cord. 4. Thread one of the cords through the hole in the top of the safety pin, then through a spacer bead, and then through the hole in the bottom of another safety pin. 4. Continue to thread in this manner until your bracelet is long enough to go around your wrist. 5. Then take the second cord and thread it through the bottom of the bracelet adding a spacer bead between each safety pin. 6. Finally, tie the ends of the bracelet together, and it’s ready to wear!

Images & directions via Craft Bits