DIY Jewelry Headband and Bangles

Planet Botkier July 07, 2012

DIY JEWELRY HEADBAND One of our favorite trends this season is hair jewelry. coque iphone 2019 pas cher We have seen many stars rocking this feminine look on the red carpet this year. Recycling scrap chain or using a broken necklace is a fun and exciting way to make your favorite hairstyle sparkle! Here is a simple way to recreate this elegant look.

What you’ll need: – Necklace or chain about 14-17” long. coque iphone en ligne (To make sure you have the right size, lay your necklace over the top of your head and it should hit just below/behind your ears at the base of your neck.) – Elastic headband – Needle/ thread/ scissors – Lighter


1. Cut the piece of elastic or band from 6-8” depending on how long your necklace or chain is. coque iphone pas cher You want it to be tight enough to stay on but not too tight that it slips off your head. Hold it around your head to measure it if it helps. 2. Singe the ends of the band to prevent fraying. 3. Flip the necklace and the elastic upside down. Then hand stitch about 1/2” of the elastic securely to each end of your necklace. coque iphone 8 Use about 10 stitches on each side, going under and through the necklace links and a few over and around the top. Wear and enjoy!

DIY and Images from LoveMaegan

DIY BANGLES Who doesn’t love bright sparkly arm candy? This neon Bangle DIY is simple and fun!

What you’ll need:Bangles (get them in stacks at places like Forever 21 or Target) – Embroidery floss (Michael’s has a small selection of neon floss) – Rhinestone chain – Hot glue – Scissors for trimming


1. Begin by affixing the rhinestone chain to your bangle with a bit of hot glue and continue all the way around the bangle. You don’t need to glue down the entire rhinestone chain, just intermittent pieces. Less glue mess to contend with that way. coque iphone 2019 When you’ve completed the bangle with your rhinestones, just trim off the rest of the chain, which can usually be cut off with a pair of regular scissors. 2. Begin wrapping your embroidery floss around the spaces between the rhinestones. Wrap 3-4 times around each space, depending on the size of the rhinestone. Continue all the way around. 3. Finish off with a spot of hot glue to hold the floss in place and then trim the edges.


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