Planet Botkier July 28, 2013

Do you just love to stop and stare at street art? Well you’re not alone.
We love New York City because of the amazing graffiti art that is displayed all throughout by talented artists.
We’ve got the scoop on some great pieces in the streets for you!

Graff Tours
Each tour is guided by a graffiti expert who will help you understand the real meaning behind each piece of artwork. Also, if you’re feeling super inspired after the tour, Graff Tours offers graffiti lessons so you can try this expressive, badass art.

The SOHO Tour begins at the corner of Bleeker and Bowery.  It takes about 90 minutes and costs $25 (student discount is available). This particular tour takes you around SOHO and will show artists like; Shepard Fairey, ROA, Nick Walker, JR, and graffiti writers like Toro, Katsu, and Giant One.

The New Wave Street Art Tour showcases newer graffiti artists like; Cern, Never, and even Dan Witz can be taken in Williamsburg.  These tours begin at Bedford Ave. and 7th St.  It’s about 90 minutes and costs $25 (student discount is available).

The Bushwick Tour is said to be for more advanced graffiti enthusiasts.  You will be able to see more local artists express their work in deep Brooklyn.  Specific locations will be emailed after purchase. This tour takes about 90 minutes and costs $25 (student discount is available).

Graff Tours offers a full graffiti lesson as well.  Each lessons costs $45 (student discount available).  Locations for this vary throughout Brooklyn.

“We want to do away with the negative connotation a lot of people have with graffiti and street art. We show people that it can be used constructively, and bring about positive change in the environment.”
- Tour guide, Kate Murphy tells the New York Post

Photo Credit Via Graff Tours, The Story of Pat and Linda Blog

Saddle Shoe Tours

Offers an eye into the wonderful world of street art.  They believe that street art is an important part of the NYC landscape.  They offer two types of tours as well as a photography workshop. Saddle Shoe likes to think of their tours as Urban Scavenger Hunts.  It’s all about finding beautiful art that people walk by on a daily basis.  It’s art that’s right under your nose.

The Lower East Side to SOHO Tour offers a mix of commissioned and illegal graffiti art.  These works of art are found in unexpected places and all hold a story.  The starting point for this tour is at 2nd Ave. and 2nd. St. and it takes you all the way to Wooster and Grands.

The Meatpacking to Chelsea Tour takes you through the recently transformed Meatpacking neighborhood and then up to Chelsea.  There you will see painted murals, mosaic tiles, sculptures, art embedded in sidewalks, and truly see how versatile street art is.  The starting point for this tour is 14th St. and 9th Ave. and it takes you to 23rd St. and 10th Ave

All tours are held on weekends and $100 for up to 4 attendees.  Each additional person is $20.  Booking in advance is necessary.

Photo Credit Via Saddle Shoe Tours

5 Pointz NYC Graffiti Tour

A detailed showing of the Long Island City warehouse turn mural canvas and a visit to the roof which shows the juxtaposition of the colorful graffiti Manhattan skyline are included in the $35 fee.  Tours are exclusive and must be booked in advance. Artists from Japan to Brazil have left their mark on this building – Australian artist James Cochran, New Zealand Artist OD have very memorable additions to the warehouse just to name a few.  Tours can be booked through Side Tour.

Photo Credit Via 5ptz

For more street art tours / walks please visit Time Out.


Bowery Graffiti Wall

E Houston St at Bowery – a great Popeye mural done by Os Gêmeos, Shepard Fairey, Lady Aiko and more.

Bronx Wall of Fame

E 173rd St at West Farms Rd, Bronx – incredible brick wall mural done by Late Queens legend Iz the Wiz, Long Island’s Phetus and L.A.’s MSK crew and more.

5 Pointz

45-46 Davis St at Jackson Ave, Long Island City, Queens – 5 story building, 200,000 sq foot surface done by countless artists including Tats Cru, Stay High 149, Sway and more.

Tuff City

650 Fordham Rd at Belmont Ave, Bronx – Tattoo shop which now doubles as a graffiti artist haven done by Brazilian twins Os Gêmeos, Cope2, the late Iz the Wiz and more.

The Bushwick Collective

Troutman St at St. Nicholas Ave, Bushwick, Brooklyn – Local blocks covered in art by PIxelpancho, Cost, Dan Witz, Swoon and Nychos.

Photo Credit Via TimeOut


We love graffiti and art so much, our Botkier Babes went to Bushwick, Brooklyn & took some #BOTKIERSTREETSTYLE
pictures. Check out Botkier on the streets!

Photo Credit via Botkier.