‘Tried-And-True’ – Happy Halloween Hunting!

Planet Botkier October 27, 2013

It’s getting to be that time of year when the sky gets darker earlier, the moon become more full … and the zombies start waking up and emerging from the earth. To us ladies, this can only mean one thing Halloween is near and we must run our tails over to Party City for a last minute costume trip.

In the meantime, we scour the internet for viable (and respectable) options which we think, this year, will prove to be a more successful and uplifting search than the last. In the end, we’re ashamed to have been tricked yet again by our hope and yearning for the ease of purchasing a full costume in a bag that will satisfy – we are left feeling distraught, agony, disbelief, and degraded as the female race.

In this week’s post, us Botkier Babes thought it only appropriate to highlight some of the worst and some of the best from the net. For those of you that wish to ROCK your creativity this year, as we all do – god speed and ‘Happy Heavy Lifting’ to you. Perhaps we’ll save the 20 Amazon purchases, 1 eBay bid, and Michaels’ line for next year …



The WORST (or best? Depending on how you look at it …)

Photo Credit: Costumes Super Center

Photo Credit: eBay

Photo Credit: Tree Sugar

Photo Credit: eBay

The BEST (in our eyes) — RESPECT LADIES!


Photo Credit: Eat Sleep Work


Photo Credit: What I Wore


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Photo Credit: IMGUR


Photo Credit: The Neat Life


Photo Credit: Scarlett London



Archive Collection

Planet Botkier October 14, 2013

Fashion photographer turned entrepreneur, Monica Botkier, switched her photography career to a fashion career within six months of creating

the bag that would change her name into a global enterprise – the beloved Trigger Bag. In her earlier beginnings as an up-in-coming fashion photographer, her quickly acclaimed photos graced the pages of Teen Vogue, Mademoiselle, Fitness and Seventeen, to name a few. Ten years later, Monica’s love and expertise in photography are displayed through the Botkier advertising campaigns – her most recent campaign, the Botkier Spring 2013 Collection. She describes, “The attention to detail and movement you have as a photographer certainly helped train my eye – also being around great accessories in my previous career as a photographer has helped influence my current one.” In the creation of the Botkier Fall 2013 campaign, Monica synergized her love for photography and handbags into one aesthetic through the introduction of the Archive Collection, a limited edition canvas printed tote highlighting her personal vintage camera collection – one that she arguably is most proud of amongst the many other collections she has created over the years in accessories.




“People always ask me how I started and I love telling the story because it still inspires me,” Monica smiles. “You can achieve dreams you didn’t even know you had if you follow your gut and work with passion. I decided that the designer bags out there were not functional enough and too expensive so I took the leathers I had intended to bind my portfolio books with and found a manufacturer to bring my sketches to life. It wasn’t until a few years later that I found out my Russian grandfather surname Botkier, manufactured handbags 50 years ago…”