Planet Botkier March 28, 2013

Why not spice up your Easter with some edgier Easter egg designs?
Check out how we decorated our Easter eggs this year!
We also found some unique artistic decorating egg ideas for you and your family to enjoy!


To give your eggs a fun color and texture:

1. Get a paper towel slightly moist with vinegar.
2. Wrap it around an egg, making sure it’s not layered too thick.
3. Gently press food coloring tubes onto the paper towel, using no more than 3 colors at a time.
4. Let the covered egg sit for a few minutes then remove the paper towel to reveal your cool creation.


For the modern take on Easter egg decorating:

1. First, dye your eggs any color you want.
2. Once your dyed eggs have dried, dip a paintbrush in black paint.
3. Hover the brush over the center of the egg and tap the handle to splatter the paint.
4. Play around with the technique – the harder you tap the brush, the bigger your splatter marks.


The ancient Ukrainian folk art of wax-and-dye egg decorating:

1. Stick metal pins in pencil erasers, dip the pinheads in melted wax.
2. Draw wax patterns on hard-cooked eggs before dyeing them.
3. Then dye eggs any color. (More natural dyeing techniques, use fruits & vegetables!)

Egg decorating images via Better Homes & Garden


Spring Break Essentials: #CHELSEA CARRYALL

Planet Botkier March 22, 2013

Spring Break has sprung upon us faster than we had ever imagined this year, and if you’re lucky,
you’ll be heading to a warmer climate in the next few weeks for a quick island getaway.
We have thrown together some essential products that are perfect for lounging on the beach in the day.
All of your beach needs will fit in our new #Chelsea Carryalls that come in Black, Blue, and Caramel.

Packing Tip: Save more space in your #Botkier bag by rolling up your apparel to make room for more goodies to carry!
Follow us on Vine app @Monica Botkier to see how we fit all of these Spring Break Essentials into our Chelsea Carryall.

Check out some of our #SPRINGBREAK inspirations.

Photographed by: Jason Kibbler
Credit: Teen Vogue


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Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Planet Botkier March 14, 2013


The day of shamrocks, leprechauns and of course the color #GREEN! Pantone crowned “emerald” as their favorite color of 2013.
Various shades of green, from Kelly to Cool Mint have been spotted on the runways and city streets.

Spring forward with our #LUCY shoulder in sea glass!
Pair this perfect shade of green with some bright prints & colors or go with neutral hues and add a pop of color.
This summer, be sure to look out for our #VALENTINA collection in Kelly Green available in April!



Planet Botkier March 07, 2013

Women Rule the World!

Celebrate #March4Women with Botkier!
Botkier is proud to partner with March for Women’s International Women’s day by
donating 10% of our sales to support women survivors of war.

See why March for Women is important to Monica Botkier …


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Planet Botkier March 03, 2013

We LOVE when our #botkierbabes share their Botkier inspiration with us on Instagram!
Check out some of our favorites.

Make sure to enter our #BOTKIERGRAM giveaway!
We will be having a #BOTKIERGRAM giveaway each month.

Simply follow us on Instagram @botkier.
Instagram your Botkier bag, tag @botkier and hashtag #BOTKIERGRAM.
We will be choosing a winner at the end of each month & the winner gets to choose their very own #VALENTINA!


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