Botkier SS13 Campaign Behind the Scenes Video

Planet Botkier January 25, 2013

Spring has Sprung!
We had an amazing time shooting our Spring 2013 Campaign with the lovely Aimee Song from Song of Style. Check out our Behind the Scenes video!


DIY: How to Organize your Accessories

Planet Botkier January 13, 2013

Start the New Year right by organizing your accessories & make-up!
This year you won’t have to go crazy looking for that one eye liner you need or that one handbag that matches your outfit.
We have found some amazing organizing DIY’S so you can find everything easily this year.


1. Frame
2. Sheet Metal
3. Material
4. Tacky Spray
5. Scissors
6. Magnets
7. Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: Tacky Spray the material over the sheet metal.
(You can leave uncovered for a cool metallic look.)
Step 2: Place the sheet metal in frame
Step 3: Hot glue the magnets onto the back of your makeup essentials.
Step 4: Hang up the frame and your magnetized make up. Done!

Photo & DIY Credit by ThreadSence


- 1 wooden utensil holder (Bed, Bath, and Beyond)
- 4 packs of Small Solid Brass Screw Eyes (5/8 inch)
- 3 packs of Solid Brass Cup Hooks (5/8 inch)
- 1 Picture hanger set

1. Mark where you want to put your screws. You can put two in each column (for necklaces), and as many as you could fit in the smaller horizontal shelves (for earrings). You can use a ruler if you’d like to space them out evenly.
2. Twist all of the screws into place.  Use an ice pick or a bigger screw to start each hole. If your hands are sweaty or shaky, try using a paper towel to get a better grip on the screws as you’re twisting. Push down hard so they really go in and go slowly with a steady hand.
A glass of wine is recommended.

3. Attach the picture holder. On the back of your jewelry organizer, twist the two screws in towards the top and evenly spaced out in the center. Secure the wire by twisting it around itself. Cut with pliers.

4. Spray paint! Go outside and put newspaper down. Follow the directions on the can and let dry.
5. Hang it to the wall, add your jewelry, and you’re done!

Photo & DIY Credits by Color Me Blue



1. SHELVES : To keep clutches in place, file them like books. Use sweater dividers to cordon off and protect bags made of delicate materials like satin (which can snag) and patent (which can dent and discolor). Lynk shelf dividers, $7 each,

2. HOOKS: To keep bags from sagging under their own weight and losing their shape (a danger when they’re left lying down), hang them from hooks affixed to the top of your storage space or unit. Liberty Hardware single-prong hooks, $5 each,

3. CREDENZA: While this concept works happily in a closet, we love seeing all our bags displayed in an open case like this one. White low rider bookcase, $349,


Dress up a plain bookcase with molding: This finishing touch makes a room—and your bag collection—feel extra special.

Photo & Article via Lucky Magazine


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Sneak Peek of Botkier Spring 2013 Campaign

Planet Botkier January 06, 2013

Here’s a sneak peek of Botkier Spring 2013 Campaign featuring Aimee Song from Song of Style!
Stay tuned for our Spring 2013 Campaign and upcoming giveaways.

Aimee Song from Song of Style featuring Botkier Honore Hobo in Coral.

Images via StyleCaster. Photography by Adam Katz Sinding. Posted by Laurel Pinson.


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