Valentine’s Day Confessions Part II

Planet Botkier February 10, 2012

Botkier Valentine’s Day Confessions Revealed


What do you think about Valentines Day? Love it or Hate it?

Comedian: Amaaaazing if someone gave me anything Hermes, otherwise it’s OK.

Elle Woods: Depends whether I have a Valentine.

Sweet D: I am a Valentines Day hater!

Quiet Statement: Love to hate it and hate to love it.

Monica: Now that I get Valentine’s from my kids I LOVE it!!

Coco: Only like it if someone takes me out for a nice dinner, otherwise it’s an unnecessary day.

Starbucks Queen: Hate Valentine’s Day.

What makes you Blush– a word, a thing, a place etc.?

Monica: A certain look from my hubbie, especially in front of others.

Elle Woods: My boyfriend makes me blush.

Starbucks Queen: Family and friends.

Quiet Statement: Just about anything makes me blush as long as it’s from someone special.

Coco: Flowers and the beach.

What was the best/favorite Valentine’s Day you’ve had?

Elle Woods: A February 14th snowfall in Dallas.

Starbucks Queen: Best Valentine’s Day I’ve had was with my friend. We made a home cooked meal for our boyfriends at the time and we put rose petals all over the house and had a candle lit dinner together and our boyfriends bought us cute Valentine’s Day build a bears.

Coco: Never had one.

Quiet Statement: Girls night in with wine, romantic comedy movies, gossip  and junkie snacks. No boys allowed!

Monica: The next one coming up is always the best, looking forward keeps me happy.

What was your worst Valentine’s Day experience?

Coco: Back in high school I saw the guy who had just broken up with me with another girl having a good time.

Monica: Rather than worst I would say funniest, going to Mr. Chow’s with my best friend years ago as two single ladies watching all the couples and having some guy give us tacky roses because he felt bad for us!

Elle Woods: Nothing can be that bad with a good bottle of wine.

Starbucks Queen: Not doing anything for Valentine’s Day or not having a Valentine.

Sweet D: My beau at the time booked one of those cheesy pre-fixed dinners complete with balloons, roses and a violin player.

Quiet Statement: In high school my beau surprised me with a break up before I got the chance to do the same.

Valentine’s Day fantasy? What is something you’ve always longed for?

Comedian: Chilling out on the hot beach with my sexy hottie in FEB winter!

Quiet Statement: Valentine’s Day date on a rooftop or a romantic indoor picnic or am outdoor starry night picnic.

Coco: A ski trip to a cozy mountain house with my boyfriend and friends.

Monica: A spectacular piece of vintage jewelry from said hubbie.

Elle Woods: Flowers delivered to my office from my sweetheart.

Starbucks Queen: I’ve always longed for a day at the spa and dinner on a rooftop in Manhattan.


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