Planet Botkier October 26, 2010

They say our bodies are our temples. So, a couple weeks ago our office staff bonded together to welcome Fall with a clean slate. Together, we braved the Organic Avenue Love Fast cleanse, a week long detox of juices (and just a bit of raw food!). Each day, freshly-made fruit and vegetable juices were delivered to our office in recyclable silver cases  and packaged in apothecary style clear bottles numbered in the order in which we were meant to drink them.

Day one, Organic Avenue kindly emailed us a menu, as well as motivational thoughts and affirmations to get our minds on the Love Fast path.  Tanya’s first thoughts, “We all began with the Chlorophyll Shot – and surprise! Upon drinking, my teeth instantly turned green. What were we getting ourselves into?”  Lucky for us the next juice was more familiar, a delicious, mildly tart apple juice. By day two, we were getting in the swig of things, and started to look forward to the juices and smoothies – Jenn says “The Cacao smoothie was especially decadent. It could have passed for a real chocolate shake. Yum!”

After three days some of us were feeling the results of the cleanse… Dayna admitted “I can definitely feel the changes, I’m sleeping better than ever” and some were ready to give up (Just kidding!). Sanyee’s advice to stay motivated?  “I keep telling myself, with every bottle of juice I drink will detox my body a further percentage. By the end I’ll be  100% detoxed…” On the fourth day – Organic Avenue included a spicy lemonade, sweetened with agave, which turned out to be an office-wide hit.

After the cleanse was done – we have to admit, there were some serious cravings. Dayna says she broke the cleanse with a healthy “fruit salad with peaches and kiwi, but what I really wanted was CARBS! Lots and lots of bread!! ”. After five days of cleansing, we felt like juice experts, and have been trying to incorporate raw into our everyday habits. “ENLIGHTENING. Yes, we went there!”



Planet Botkier October 06, 2010

Though Fall is in full swing, we’re already previewing the Spring 2011 collection. Tina and Kelly from Bag Snob were in NYC for Fashion Week, so we invited them to stop by our showroom for sneak peak! They were both wild about Charlotte and we decided to give Bag Snob readers an exclusive sneak peek. Check out the post on Bag Snob for a full reveal of the entire Charlotte family…