Planet Botkier August 13, 2010

Carolina Engman’s carefully curated Fashion Squad reads like the pages of your favorite glossy. Chock full of inspirational content, the stylish site features of the moment photo shoots, styled and modeled by Carolina herself, as well as clips from the pages of her favorite magazines. Whether it’s a vintage romper or a feathered headband, her whimsical wardrobe touches never fail to get us in the mood for a little shopping trip… We sat down with Carolina for a Bad Girl themed Q&A.

We’re wild about your bad girl icon, Anita Pallenberg! Can you tell us why the rocker ingénue inspires your style?
Carolina: I’m wild about her too! There’s just something about her relaxed, bohemian vibe that really appeals to me!

What are some cool ways a girl can embrace the bohemian look for fall?
Carolina: Personally, I’m going all in with maxi dresses and hats!

Anita was so involved with the 60s rock n roll movement! What are your favorite bands from that iconic era?
Carolina: Besides the Rolling Stones, Beatles, The Who and Bob Dylan, I’m a sucker for French icon & national treasure Serge Gainsbourg!

Speaking of 60s style, where are your favorite places to vintage shop in Stockholm? What wardrobe pieces do you look for first?
Carolina: My all time favorite store is Beyond Retro, it’s impossible for me to walk in there without buying something. If I go in to buy a jacket, I walk out with three dresses. The store is truly addictive!

So jealous! We’ll have to hit it up next time we’re Sweden-bound…

Let’s say we’re hosting a Fashion Squad party – where’s the location, what music is playing, and what’s the Fashion Squad cocktail of choice?
Carolina: We’re sitting on a roof top in Paris, drinking red wine, watching the stars.. and we’re most definitely listening to Roxanne by The Police!



Planet Botkier August 09, 2010

Introducing a special collaboration featuring our five favorite fashion bloggers… Welcome this week to the Botkier Blog Geri Hirsch of Because I’m Addicted, Aimee Song of Song Of Style, Gala Gonzalez of Amlul, Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad, and Chantal Van Der Meijden of Cocorosa.

The girls, whose stylish websites inspire us on a daily basis, channel their most cherished iconic bad girl in a special series of unique editorials for Botkier & Bloglovin, starring the Ava bag. Ava’s playful tassel, intricate quilted gusset and luxe chain strap makes the bag one of our sexiest styles from the collection.

The images are on display at Bloglovin, our go-to site for bookmarking the most stylish fashion blogs. Each blogger will make a cameo on the Botkier Blog this week with their individual photo shoots & credits and a very fun bad girl themed Q&A.



Planet Botkier August 09, 2010

Geri Hirsch is your go-to girl for incredible fashion inspiration. Via her chronicles Because I’m Addicted, Geri shares her musings on fashion, art, food, and life running wild in Los Angeles. Her blog is a daily obsession – and is always on the pulse of what’s next in fashion. Geri partnered with brilliant stylist Monica Rose to channel the iconic Brigitte Bardot for her Bloglovin editorial. The two sat down with Botkier for a little bad girl themed Q&A!

Photo Credits: Photographer Steven Meiers; Stylist Monica Rose, Stylist’s Assistant Amelian Hamilton; Makeup Artist Catalina Su; Hair Stylist Melissa Brown; Starring Geri Hirsch of Because I’m Addicted.

Tell us why you chose to channel Brigitte Bardot for your shoot.
Geri: It’s Brigitte Bardot! She has that French..that…that certain je ne sais quoi…

What wardrobe pieces did you choose to channel Brigitte’s iconic style?
Monica: I decided to make Geri look sexy with out showing too much. Brigitte had a certain appeal about her that wasn’t over the top. Geri has amazing legs so I paired boyshorts with this Oriett Domenech t top. The shoulders reminded me of the 60’s in London. It was a great pair with Geri’s figure, especially when I added a belt to accentuate her tiny waistline.

What are some ways the modern woman can incorporate Brigitte’s iconic style into their look? Any wardrobe tips?
Monica: Her hair and makeup of course definitely pulled together the complete look. Simple sweep of a black cat liner and some volume in the crown area. Sleek smooth lines paired with a amazing structured piece (like a blouse or jacket) can easily help anyone emulate Brigitte’s signature style. Make sure everything fits you properly. I think tailoring is a great investment. Be creative! Thrift stores are a great place to channel Brigitte’s style on a budget.

Beauty-wise, what’s your favorite products for a sexier nighttime look?
Monica: Love a great black eyeliner, changes the whole look! I love MAC’s pencil eyeliner and Dior show mascara in black.

Geri: Eeek – I don’t wager too much with makeup from day-to-night except for the fact that I get a little heavy handed.  I do however think a sexier scent makes a world of a difference. It’s almost as though I carry myself differently with a splash of Creed Love in Black or Comme de Garsons Kyoto. l go from a girl to a woman with the push of a button!
Where are some of your favorite spots for a night out on the town?

Monica: Since I’m a new mommy I love spending my nights with my daughter Alaia. :)

Geri: Can never go wrong with karaoke in Korea town, summer nights by the Roosevelt pool, concerts at the Greek or the Soho House.

Let’s say we’re throwing a party. What’s on the drinks menu, and what are we listening to?

Geri: My good friend, Eddie Brahka, has taken it upon himself to master artisanal cocktails and I’ve rightfully adopted what he calls “The Gerbear. It’s so easy!

1) Muddle up 3 fresh strawberries
2) Add a table spoon of sugar (in essence creating your own fruit juice with the already muddled strawberries)
3) Vodka (depending on how strong you want it)
4) Fill shaker up with ice
5) Shake
6) Pour into Martini glass
7) Garnish with Mint leaves and fresh strawberry

As for music, depends on the type of party. If we’re trying to get loud before a big night out I’m adding an extra shot of vodka to “The Gerbear” and throwing on some of Scott Vener’s (music director for Entourage who posts a lot of cool stuff to his blog) mixes. For intimate dinner parties I’ve been defaulting to ‘The Notorious (Biggie & The XX mashup)’ during cocktails/hors d’ouevres and slipping into the soundtrack from “An Education” for dining.

We won’t judge… What’s your favorite vice?
Monica: I can’t say no to a great glass of wine!

Geri: (Shrugs shoulders) I’m a blogger…my Blackberry!



Planet Botkier August 03, 2010

Last week, we celebrated the debut of our sexy Fall 2010 collection with a live Twitter chat. We opened up the conversation to our lovely fans and followers to ask Monica Botkier their own questions. Quite impressed with what our friends had to ask, we’re archiving our favorite questions from the event. Thank you to all who chimed in – and if you’re still curious, feel free to leave us a question here, or via our Facebook or Twitter page.

Fashionista829: “I am in love with your Fall’10 handbags! What was your inspiration behind the collection?”

MB: Fall 2010 is all about embracing your inner bad girl. Sleek and sexy, always functional always luxe.

ZoeSerendipity: “Hi Monica, was wondering how living in New York effects your design aesthetics. Do you consider NYC a sort of… muse?”

MB: Born and bred! I love NYC and the women here inspire me every day xoxo

LaurenBurks10: “Monica, what made you decide to team up with Purseblog to design a handbag?”

MB: We love @purseblog and all the dedicated TPF’ers. They share my ultimate passion for handbags!